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web design
We create websites from start to finish. We start by getting to know you and what you’re looking for. If you don’t know anything about websites but know you need one, we will help you understand what it’s all about. If you’re more savvy than that, great! We’ll work together to understand why you want a website, who it’s for, and what it’s trying to accomplish. If you want to redesign your current site, we can help sort out how to make it better. We will help you organize the content and design the site with lots of input from you, and then we’ll build and launch it. We are open to questions and feedback in any stage of the process. Please read more about our process and check out our portfolio.
design development
We do the production and coding stuff too, sans design. We are well-versed in the process of building upon an existing design: creating page templates and banging out other design assets (buttons, callouts, charts and tables). We are also highly skilled at cutting up the designs, producing the images, and writing the HTML/XHTML/CSS to create the actual pages.
graphic design
We create designs for print: business cards, stationery, flyers, posters, brochures. As always, we ask: “What is this design (flyer, brochure) trying to accomplish and for whom?” Keeping the audience in the front of our minds, we design for clarity, effect, and visual impact. This process often goes several rounds and we are open to input and questions from you every step of the way.
logo design
We love to create logos! We start by understanding what your business or organization is about, and from there we think together about who you’re trying to reach and what your logo is trying to say and do. We’ll learn about what else is out there and figure out where your business or organization fits in. We’ll come up with some designs. You tell us what you like and why. From there we work together to refine the logo and craft it for its many intended purposes. We can create a style guide if you wish. See some examples in our portfolio.
technical illustration
We create 2D technical illustrations for math and science applications: diagrams, process flows, mathematical figures. We place high value on precision and close attention to every detail. With experience designing technical illustrations for books, we can help you with illustrations for other applications (dissertations, papers, presentations).