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Process: Web design and development
Every project takes on a shape of its own, but here are some general guidelines and benchmarks to outline the process:

1. Exploration phase
We meet with one or more representatives of your organization to learn more about you and the goals of the site redesign. Over the course of one or more meetings, we establish a set of requirements for the site (overall content requirements, roles and responsibilities, specific features and functionality). These meetings also give us time to establish a working relationship.

2. Design phase
Architecture: Based on our findings in the exploration phase, we create a site architecture (navigation, content areas, special features) and revise it based on your feedback.

Visual design: After the architecture is established, we present one or more options for the layout and visual design. You choose one direction, or a combination of options. Based on the chosen option, we revise the chosen design based on your feedback.

Overall, in this phase, we work together to arrive at an architecture and visual design that serves the goals of the project.

3. Development phase
After we have established an architecture and visual design, we build the website in a temporary location. Custom features are designed and built in this phase.

4. Testing phase
Once the site is up and running on the temporary location, we make it available to one or more appointed persons in order to test it for errors, typos, broken links, broken functionality, etc. At this stage it is helpful to have multiple sets of eyes checking the site for anything that will degrade the overall quality.

5. Deployment phase
Once the site has passed all tests, we will deploy it to its final destination (i.e., it is officially “launched”). Time to celebrate!

6. Training and support for sites built on WordPress (optional)
Once the site has launched, we provide an administration guide explaining how to perform the necessary tasks in WordPress (how to update content and navigation, manage users, etc.). We also provide onsite training and phone support for a designated period of time.